Overview of Amish Country Tour, Philadelphia & Lancaster PA

There are currently Amish settlements in 24 states, Canada, and Central America but nearly 80% of all the Amish in the US reside in Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. The largest focus of Amish people is in Northeast Ohio, primarily in Holmes and the surrounding counties. You can enjoy the best Quilting and Patchwork Holidays in Philadelphia & Lancaster PA, but for this purpose, you should get in touch with someone expert tour guide. They know the best events to join and attractive places to visit.

If you want to get away from the fast and stressful lifestyle of the big city, you should choose the peaceful place to spend quality time. Philadelphia & Lancaster PA Amish country tours may just be the best vacation destinations for you. Here you will be able to slow down, relax and just enjoy what this lifestyle has to offer the stressed out city resident. The Amish lifestyle is actually a pure and simple as it gets, it provides greater relaxation.


Quilting and Patchwork Holidays

The Amish counties have been offering a lifestyle that is free from the binds of modern society and a culture that is surviving without the technologies. This actually makes Amish country one of the more attractive destinations in the US. Shopping at quilt shops, hospitality, dining and numerous sightseeing opportunities makes Amish countryside worth to visit

Enjoy your Quilting and Patchwork Holidays in Philadelphia & Lancaster PA and have a great experience of a wide array of rolling hills, back roads and countless tourist attractions. You can enjoy the best home-cooked food and wonderful shopping opportunities over there. These areas offer travellers a wide variety of tourist facilities and comforts. The rolling hills of Amish country offer the great charm of the village, this is why people called Amish villages’ must-see destinations.

The Amish cooking, local cuisine and numerous restaurants are available in different areas, there is a variety of mouth-watering food for you. It will surely force you to experience their cooking style. New Philadelphia is minutes away from Amish Country and there are kinds of malls, shops, and much more.

Quilting and Patchwork Holidays

The overnight traveller will have a range of comfortable accommodation facilities no matter where they stay while visiting Amish country in Philadelphia & Lancaster PA. Visit these areas and enjoy an extraordinary amount of Amish food sold at the event. BBQ ribs, potato chips, whoopee pies, freshly grilled BBQ chicken, homemade ice cream, shoe fly pies, fruit smoothies, fresh waffle, roasted almonds, and more.

If you want to make your Quilting and Patchwork Holidays more pleasurable and comfortable, you should consult with Amish Patchwork Tours. This company organises the best tours to the Amish Counties at the most affordable packages.


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